Leverage Point Spellwork

Are you ready to experience regular miracles?
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Magickal Leverage points are special times and situations where small efforts can have huge results. Our trade secret divinations find these leverage points and identify Spellwork and Advice to create incredible results from minimal work.

There are 4 ways to benefit:

  1. Book a Leverage Point Spellwork Session for effective spellwork for a single goal.
  2. Join the Group Spellwork Monthly Membership and experience 4 spells you can access in just a few moments.
  3. Buy a Monthly Membership when you want gentle smooth life improvements.    Includes one session a month.
  4. Buy this Weekly Membership when you're ready for a lot of amazing positive change in your life.  Includes one session a week

 Coming soon: Activation for Previous Precast Spells will be available to be purchased singularly

Past Results:

  • Countless clients report “Aha moments” where they suddenly know how to solve their problems ranging from Business, to Relationships, to Health and Fitness, and much more.
  • Many solutions suddenly arrive through new relationships. Somehow the right person, knowledge, or opportunity just presents itself within hours or days of the spellwork.
  • While most results arrive within hours, days or weeks, one person received a call for a job offer they were doing spellwork for, while we were still in the ritual! They had been waiting weeks for this callback.
  • We often hear of relationships reconnecting and healing within day of spellwork. Unfortunately, sometimes resolution is a firmly closed door, but at least in those cases there is clear resolution which presents quickly. When this happens we usually hear that moving on seems much easier than normal.
  • …And sometimes we see downright miracles such as: Doctors told one Mother to say goodbye to her daughter who had terrible brain damage and probably wouldn’t survive. After doing defined spellwork, her daughter is totally healthy and functional.

What to expect:

Spellwork seems to have 5 power levels which effect-us differently.  We can get a sense of the spell by how & when we are affected.

  1. (Weakest) There is a sense of inspiration/possibility immediately when casting or activating a spell. Things seem to go more smoothly, but we can’t put our finger on anything specific.
  2. We can define a clear before/after moment where something changed either in Ourselves or Our Situation.
  3. We may feel a sense of discomfort/anxiety soon before or during casting. This is an awareness that something is going to happen, but a fear of what it may be.
  4. The moment we start thinking about the spellwork we feel its effect in our life, and start seeing it working EVEN BEFORE WE CAST THE SPELL.  Results often chain many minor coincidences into huge change.
  5. The whole experience feels destined. We can see ways our life lined up for the spell. We often experience deep excitement and/or fear about what’s going to change.  Multiple times it feels as if the Hand of God is directing everything in perfect flow. (Strongest)


So give it a shot!
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