Universal Fluid Condenser (4 oz)

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Empower any Spell or Enchantment with this Universal Fluid Condenser. This is the Jumbo size (over 1000 applications). If you use it sparingly, you'll probably need to buy another one of these in about 10 years.
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This Jumbo size of Universal Fluid Condenser is great for the Mage who does regular work wants affordable UFC to meet all of their Magickal needs.  ;-)

Universal Fluid Condensers are pretty amazing concoctions that seem to generate magickal energies.  Multiple theories exist as to HOW they do this.  One popular belief is based on a concept of Aether whereby the UFC converts this Aether into energies we can use magickally.   Other people believe that Aether is the essence of magick, and the UFC doesn't really change it as much as attract it for our use.   The effect seems to weaken eventually, but well made UFCs will support recognizable charges for weeks, months or even years.

The most obvious use is to simply put some on your hands or chakras prior to doing energy work or some activity that you want a "boost" for.   Most energy perceptive persons will recognize a distinct difference in their energy before and after.

Other uses include activating and empowering magicks.   For example, the Satchets, Scrolls, Enchanted Jewelry, Focii and Other Enchanted Items we sell are almost always activated with a Condenser for their purpose.  While we have Condensers available for many different purposes, a Universal Fluid Condenser is generally acceptable for most everything.   We can safely use the Universal Fluid Condenser to replace almost any other condenser and support a successful spell.

Finally, if you want to enchant an item or bind a spirit into an object, Universal Fluid Condenser is an EXCELLENT annointing fluid.   Scott's first bound spirit was as simple as he started thinking about what kind of spirit ally he would like in his staff and started coating the staff with the Universal Fluid Condenser.  Like lightning to a lightning rod, a spirit jumped in eager for the task and duties and is still one of Scott's allies to this day.

Other Names for this effect are magick condenser, spell fluid, liquid manna, liquid aether, liquid mana, Liquid Chi and Liquid Qi.

The best UFC available on the market for a long time was Mermade Universal Fluid Condenser by Mermade Magical Arts.   Their UFC was consistent, solid and a pleasure to use.   When we chose to open this store, we went to see about reselling it, only to find that they weren't offering it any longer.   All troubles are opportunities however; years ago Scott had attempted to make a Universal Fluid Condenser and through mistakes learned some unwritten details of the alchemy as well as some tricks to improve.   The original mistake ended up being a pretty awesome salt (that we will be recreating and selling as well), but it taught him enough to do better this time.    This try seems to have equaled the results of Mermade so far with a consistent, even flow of power that continues over time.   Try it yourself and see how it works for you.   Let us know either way.    We can learn together!


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