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Lodestone is a natural magnet that attracts opportunity, love, and resources to you. It has grounding effect which helps with clear thinking, balancing energies and providing protection and healing.
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Lodestones are naturally occuring magnets that have been used for centuries to attract positive forces and repel bad luck. Because of its grounding energy it is good to help with clear thinking, focused dtailed work and making decisions.Physically it has been used to ease PMS, helps with anemia, asthma and inflammation, pulls toxic blocks and energy from the body and can be used on accupressure points to stimulate and activate healing. Lodestone is excellent at balancing the hemispheres of the brain, male and female energies and base and crown polarities to create alignment and interdepence in the system. It has been called the "Lovestone" because it attracts opportunities for success, love, joy, opportunity, abundance, success and prosperity. Feeding the lodestone magnetic sand will charge it to its purpose and give it the energy to attract the abundance.


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