4 Inch Red Chime Candle

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Red Candles are the perfect candles for all spells involving passion and love. They are also great for summoning power and vitality.
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Red Candles being the primary color link to our body- the blood in our body, the red heart, the kundalini snake energy in our base chakra- this color is all about life energy and passion. When used for love spells it focuses more on the hotter, more passionate aspects of relationships. Red Candles can be used as a strong magnet attracting people, energy, and opportunity so one becomes the center of a lot of attention and activity. They  can also be used to bring strength, vitality and energy to one's body, mind or spirit. Be aware that red moves hot and fast and can leave one more depleted if used too long and not tempered with some calm and peace. Red Candles are also good at making transformations and transitions quickly with lasting results, so be careful what one wishes, one just might get it.

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