4 Inch White Chime Candle

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Snow White Candles embody purity, truth and the highest forms of deity and spirituality.
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White Candles can be substituted for any color since they are the perfect balance and combination of all the colors. Since white does not absorb the light but reflects it back, it is the perfect color to use to see oneself or others truth. These candles are great for cleansing and purifying one's body or space. White Candles bring in the highest forms of spiritual energy and the power of the full moon to purify, protect and heal.


Spells That Include a White Candle:

- A Spell For Self Love

You will need: 1 White Candle, 1 Pink Candle, 1 Blue Candle,  Flourite, Rose Quartz, Mookaite, your favorite Perfume or cologne

Light the white candle to purify yourself, the area and the crystals. As the white candle is burning imagine all the things that don't serve you and that get in the way of you loving yourself, and imagine them leaving. When you feel that the above step is complete, burn the pink and blue candles to welcome in love, affection, calming, healing, truth and wisdom. Hold the stones and state aloud "My truth is that I am enough. I am worthy of my own love. I deserve to love myself. I am willing to heal blockages that restrict my flow of love. I give myself permission to embrace giving love to myself. I accept that all of me is deserving of love. I accept that all of me is deserving of love. I accept that all of me is deserving of love. So mote it be." Spray yourself and the stones with your perfume/cologne to seal the working. Carry the stones whenever you feel you need that extra self lovin.


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