Quartz Blue Tumbled Stone (Dumortierite, Blue Aventurine)

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Blue Quartz as part of the Quartz family is an excellent stone for focus and power, the blue color allows that focus to specialize in communication and psychic realms.
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Blue Quartz is a soothing, stress-relieving stone that allows us to reach out to others. Blue Quartz enhances organization ability, self discipline and orderliness as it amplifies peace and compassion energy. By working with the throat chakra and third eye, it helps communication between the lower chakras and the higher chakras. It also aids in communication with astral or celestial energy thus enhancing psychic vision and dreams. It can be use to cleanse our aura and can break the toughest energy blockage. Blue Quartz is a balancer and can remove excess energy and keeps emotions from getting out of control. Use Blue Quartz in divination to open your intuitive senses to better understand motives and intentions. Hold Dumortierite while burning White Sage to do a more effective energy cleansing. Use Blue Quartz with Celestite and Blue Lace Agate to form a strong communication channel with high vibration spirits.


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