Moonstone Tumbled Stone

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Moonstone shimmers like a piece of moonlight illuminating our inner nature and developing our psychic intuition and abilities.
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Moonstone embodies the power of the moon. Like the rays of the moon it shines a soft light upon our inner landscape. It helps us dive deep within ourselves when used in meditation, thus we can rediscover hidden or lost pieces of ourselves and bring them back to the surface. It reflects the truth in an unbiased way and allows us to develop our intuition and psychic abilities. It opens up the heart and can stimulate kundalini energy. It can nurture new love, build lasting love and can sometimes reunite and repair angry lovers. The different colors of moonstone represent different aspects of the moon. It is stone that harmonizes well with women and Goddess energy, but can be used by all to align ones auric fields. It has also been used for protection especially when traveling. To Repair Energy Fields Use Moonstone in one hand and Black Obsidian in the other. Use the Obsidian to remove negativity, energy cords and blockages. Use the moonstone in the same areas to fill in the damage and repair the flow of the energy field. To create a Vision Grid use Moonstone, Iolite, Lapis Lazuli, Flourite and Malachite. This will bring in your highest visions, clarify what is needed and enable you to manifest stepping into its reality.


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