1 Hour Reading, Divination, Training or Custom Spellwork with Scott

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Reading/Divination work with spirit to understand your present and find opportunities to change your future.
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To Quote Awo Falokun: 

There are only 3 things people really want: 

  • Money (& Power)
  • Love (& Relationships)
  • Health (& Peace)


Every divination will show you how to get more of those things into your life.   This reading shows what you are doing to block these blessings that are your right as a child of God.   We will find what you can change in yourself to accept your blessings AND we will identify medicines that can help with the symptoms of the problem right now.

For example.  Carol REALLY wants a relationship and asks for divination about that.  The divination says that Carol was taught by her Mother to distrust men.  She has started a habit of ending relationships with Men as the first sight of his not being perfect.   The divination says that 1 of the 4 men she is interested in is in a place to support her transitioning out of this pattern.  

Then, using more divination, we would learn which of the options I know would be most effective to help Carol feel better now and support her long term healing.


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