Thyme Essential Oil

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Thyme Oil is excellent for protection and cleansing to enable the inflow of abundance and health. It has been used to communicate with the dead and to enhance courage, charisma and confidence.
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Thyme is a perennial shrub and part of the mint family, it comes from the Greek word "fumigate". Thyme Oil is a powerful antibacterial, antibiotic and diuretic. It has been used for poor digestion, to eliminate waste and toxins from the body, to treat fevers, coughs, colds, infections, headache reduction, depression, respiratory issues, muscular pain, acne and bad breath. Magickally it is used for protection and cleansing as well as increasing the flow of money. Thyme can also be used to bring restful sleep and protection from nightmares. It was used to communicate with the dead and put in coffins to ensure their passage to the other side as well as bring courage and resilence to those left behind in dealing with their grief. If you want to communicate with the fairies you can blow dried thyme into the wind. Thyme has also been used in offerings to spirit, to bring courage to knights and to increase your attractiveness. To smell of thyme meant you were attractive, desirable and stylish. Adding Thyme Oil to a spell helps boost morale, awakens the warrior and increases confidence. To make a Sleep and Dream Oil mix Thyme Oil, Melissa Oil, Chamomile Oil, Agrimony Oil and Lavender Oil and smell it before going to sleep. To make a Business Blend use Thyme Oil, Basil Oil, Benzoin Oil, Patchoulli Oil, Dragons Blood Oil and Sandalwood Oil and use in your business to support growth.


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