Asafoetida (Devils Dung)

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Asefoetida is a powerful banishing herb that can remove negative people, spirits or energy out of your life. It can negate all energy bringing it back to a clean slate.
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Asafoetida is particularly pungent because it contains large amounts of sulfur. Sprinkling the herb on the doorstep or path of a bad neighbor will cause them to have dysfunction in their home and make them move. As the herb has natural corrosive energies, it can negate all energy in an area and can interfere with your own workings if used carelessly. Carry a pinch in a bag to keep away the law, avert the evil eye and repel negativity. Asafoetida is one of the strongest banishing herbs, use it with Frankincense, Juniper Berries and Yarrow to exorcise and banish all negativity from a person, place or object. To remove someone from your life, carve their name on a Black Candle. Roll the candle in Asafotida, Rosemary and Yarrow. Burn the candle while stating this person is removed from your space and no longer part of your life. Bury or throw in water on any of the remaining wax as you picture this relationship moving out of your life.


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