Bay Leaves (Laurel)

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Bay Leaf is best used for purification and protection. It can also help with divination, healing and removing negative energy. Writing wishes on a leaf and burning it is another way to use this leaf.
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Bay Laurel is associated with Apollo, the nymph Daphne tried to avoid him and was turned into the first Laurel Tree which Apollo adopted as his sacred tree.The Priestess of Delphi, who was an oracle of Apollo, is known to have chewed on bay and inhaled its fumes to induce their prophetic state. Medicinally Bay is antibacterial, helps with arthritis, aids digestion, fights fungus and relieves stress. Because of it retaining its green, even dried, it is amazing to use for protection and purification representing the Sun and Summer energy to radiate wellness. You can use a sprig of Bay to sprinkle water in purification rituals. Bay planted near your house prevents sickness and if a leaf is placed in the corner of each room it will protect all in the house from lightning, poltergeists and other negative energy. Wishes can be written on the leaves and burned to make them come true or to bring visions,clairvoyance and wisdom. If you carry Bay with you it protects against bad luck and negative energy. If it is worn by an athlete when competing it can give them strength. To make a Purification Incense mix Bay Leaves, Sandalwood, Anise Seed and Hyssop and burn to remove curses and negative energy. For a Protection Charm carry Bay Leaf with Agrimony, Black Salt and Earth Smoke to absorb and transform negative energy.


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