Salt Black

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Powers: Protection of Space/Removes Unwanted Energy/Spirit Calling/Purification/Absorbing Negativity
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Black Salt is a very versatile item for use in many protection, cleansing and removing negativity works. It can be used to protect a space by sprinkling it all around the edges of the room, replace the salt at the doorways and window openings when the energy is getting heavy or mucky. Black Salt absorbs the negativity so using it more than once or leaving it too long is not advised. Whenever you want to dispose of the used salt use ways that take it out of your space and will not mix with other magicks. Bury it in the earth to be transfomed  or burn it with a paper stating what you want removed but do not reuse the ashes, put it in running water or flush it down the toilet visualizing all the negativity leaving, finally you can blow it into the wind or at a crossroads allowing the negativity to be broken and dispersed. It can be used to remove people from your life by putting it on their footsteps or doorways or yard so they will want to leave and not come back. It is used around Samhain because it is great for aiding Spirit Summoning and to do Ancestral Work. It is also great to put on candles, put in incenses or in sachets to remove negativity and provide protection as well as break and reflect negativity. One can use Black Salt with Rose Petals, St John Wort and Eucalyptus to help one remove depression, negativity and anger. 
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