Walnut In Shell (Black)

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Powers: Removing Unwanted Energy, Powerful Cleansing, Increases Mental Energy, Aids Divination, Protection of Head
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Black Walnuts have been used as a medicine by Native Americans for cleansing external and internal. Because of its strong cleansing properties in magick it is one of the strongest ways to remove a person completely from one's life. Use 6 or 9 walnuts and boil them to make a strong black tea. Use these tea in a bath and visualize cutting all ties with this person. Take some of the bathwater and throw it in a crossroads or against a tree. One can also write to name on a paper and bathe in candlelight then burn the name to make it a stronger spell. There is warning that reconnecting with that person later can have bad consequences. The shell of the walnut is like the skull and the nut meat looks like a brain, so using it to help with headaches, protecting the head and strengthening the brain magicks have been used. It is said to also help with divination in dreams and in helping to know the future.


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