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Powers: Healing/ Purification/ Money/ God Magic
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Cedar has been called the "Tree of Life". King Solomon used Lebanese Cedar Wood to constuct the Temple of King Solomon. Jewish tradition revered the wood and no tree is mentioned as much as the Cedar. It was used for embalming and as a bug and mold repellent. Medicinally to help with bladder and kidney problems and to clear chest congestion. Cedar has been used to sanctify and cleanse sacred space giving us a space for rebirth and renewal. It is used to call in the spirits of wisdom,Celestials, Angels and Solar Deity to work with them, have them hear our prayers and ask for their help. Magickally it has been used to attract love, to aid with long life and growth, to increase potentcy, to aid psychic powers, for healing and attracting money. Cedarwood brings balance and steadiness to the spirit. which allows grounding and clarity when doing meditation or divination. When we feel safe in our physical body it allows our spirit to commune deeper with the Earth and Nature. Wearing a sprig of Cedar or hanging it above your door provides you protection from negative events and entities. For a Santify and Protect Incense use Cedar, White Sage, Sweetgrass and White Copal to cleanse and welcome positive energy. For a Protection Sachet mix Cedar, White Oak Bark, Pine and Wolf Lichen for a strong protection given by the forest.


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