Deer's Tongue

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Properties : Win in Court, Communication Aid, Spiritual Guidance, Psychic Developer, Attract Luck and Love, Detoxification Healing
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Deer's Tongue earns its name from the distinctive shape of its leaves, which are long and narrow with a reddish-purple streak. Typically found in damp, flat pine woods along the coastal region from North Carolina to Florida, this herb boasts unique characteristics that extend beyond its ornamental appeal. The plant is recognized for the presence of coumarin, a chemical found in crystals on the upper side of its leaves, imparting a signature vanilla scent. In herbal remedies, Deer's Tongue takes center stage for brewing a warm, bitter, diuretic tea. This tea is traditionally used to reduce fevers, cleanse the blood, and locally applied for sore throats and gonorrhea. Native American communities utilized Deer's Tongue for its diuretic effects and as stimulants, while also incorporating it into mixtures for inducing sweating. Additionally, historical evidence suggests some effectiveness in treating malaria. Culinary enthusiasts have explored Deer's Tongue for its unique aromatic quality. When crushed, the leaves emit a vanilla-like odor, making them a historical choice for flavoring pipe and cigarette tobacco, as well as a fragrant addition to cosmetics and soaps. The leaves can even serve as a lettuce substitute in salads. For centuries, Native American spiritual practices have utilized this herb to facilitate communication with the spirit world and seek guidance from ancestors. Its sweet, subtle aroma makes Deer's Tongue a gentle yet potent ally for those seeking spiritual growth and connection to the divine. Magically, Deer's Tongue is associated with improved communication, attracting love interests, and opening psychic powers. In the realm of court cases, it is believed to grant eloquence and pleasing speech to those who carry it. From ensuring success in public speaking to enhancing confidence and creating a positive home environment, Deer's Tongue finds diverse applications in magical practices. Whether burned as incense, used in mojo bags, or sprinkled around the environment, Deer's Tongue is considered a valuable tool for those seeking luck in love affairs, clarity in communication, and spiritual awareness.

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