Kambaba Jasper Rough (Crocodile Jasper)

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Kambaba Jasper is also known as Crocodile Jasper or Green Stromatolite Jasper. Stromatolite are fossilized colonies of blue-green algea and primeval microorganisms. Kambaba is very soothing for the nerves, boosting the immune system and aiding in cellular growth. It is very supportive for the digestive system and aids in assimulating vitamins and minerals. Kambaba also helps with increasing fertility, overcoming impotence and is a must for pregnant women because it helps with an easy and happy pregnancy. It is an energizing stone that activates our root and heart chakra and the calming and healing of emotions such as guilt, trauma, grief, jealousy, anger and sadness. It is a "Supreme Nutrurer" allowing the ebb of flow of energy between ourselves and the Earth. It allows us to calm emotional upheaval and invite feelings of compassion, patience, humility and generosity by opening the heart and increasing our feeling and receiving love for ourself and from others. You can use Kambaba Jasper to increase money flow and enhance prosperity. It can provide protection from peers or colleagues who wish to destabalize or weaken your efforts. Kambaba Jasper is also an excellent grounding stone for use in ancient places to connect to its history. It is highly protective against psychic danger or negative entities and provides space for growth, stability and healing.


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