Celestite Crystal Chunks

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Celestite is known as the stone of the angels, it peaceful, expansive energy brings peace and calm to people and environments.
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Celestite is a high vibration stone that connects you to the infinite wisdom of the Universe. It is used to communicate with Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. Celestite is wonderful for improving self awareness and being mindful and present. In opening and strenghtening the upper three chakras it allows all communication to be received and processed with clarity and calm. It allows us to reach toward love and peace when working with the problems in our life. Use Celestite in a room to provide gentle, expansive cleansing energy to flow through the space. When Celestite is used with Opal and Pearl it promotes emotional intelligence. When Celestite is used with Bloodstone and Red Jasper It helps us deal with negative emotions and experiences and helps you take action based on your spiritual lessons.


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