Howlite White Tumbled Stones

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White Howlite opens and prepares the mind to attune to peaceful spiritual energy. It eases anxiety, aids with insomnia, provides connection to wisdom and absorbs negativity.
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White Howlite is a calcium borate and is named after the mineralogist Howard How who found it in the Netherlands. It has also been called White Buffalo Stone or White Turquoise and because it holds dye well it is dyed blue to resemble Turquoise or red to resemble Coral. Physically it helps to treat insomnia, stress and anxiety disorders, pain relief from rheumatism and arthritis as well as help build teeth and bones, heal dislocated joint or broken bones and help with ostheoporosis. White Howlite helps to soothe an overactive mind allowing you to focus and have serenity allowing access to memory, wisdom and emotional processing. It absorbs negative and angry emotions and can bring a calming peaceful energy to your body, your environment and even in other nearby people. White Howlite brings awareness to our mental, emotional and spirtual realms so we can view and adjust toward more harmony and positive alignment. Use White Howlite under your pillow for deeper sleep, lucid dreaming and better dream recall.


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