Calcite Clear Tumbled Stone

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Clear Calcite amplifies energy and can clear negative and stagnant energy out of your space and your body.It allows clarity of mind enhancing your higher consciousness and psychic abilities for more insight and clarity.
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Clear Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. It cleans and removes negative and stagnant energy out of the environment and provides a polarizing prismatic energy that clears and activates all the body chakras. Clear calcite has been used to help with the absorption of calcium and removing calcification from broken bones and arthritis, it cleans the elimination organs of the bladder, bowel and kidneys, it fortifies the immune system and promotes growth and healing in the skeleton, skin and tissues. Clear Calcite is a spiritual stone that opens the higher consciousness and psychic abilities allowing us to access and remember soul memories. It connects your emotions to your intellect allowing you to create emotional intelligence, hope and motivation. Clear Calcite eases emotional stress and laziness by promoting energy and trust in your self and others to tackle to obstacles in life. It allows you to analyze a situation, boost your memory and allow discernment in changing an idea into action.


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