Eye Agate Stone (Botswana Agate)

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Eye Agate can ward off negative energy and thoughts and transform that into positive energy. It helps with healing the hurt and imbalances from the past to create positive movement and action for the future.
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Eye Agate was been mostly found in India and Botswana, but has now been found all over the world. It has been used as a talisman to ward off the Evil Eye and can transform and eliminate negative energy changing it to positive energy. Physically it has been used to stimulate digestion, heal the eyes, uterus and stomach and cleanse the pancreas and lymphatic system. Eye Agate can help heal hurt feelings from the past and give you energy to step into your future. It helps with making clear decisions by increasing your confidence and giving you the strength to move forward with your actions. Eye Agate cleanses your auric field and brings balanced energy to all your chakras. It awakens your talents, helps with concentration, provides wisdom, increases your intuition, and provides balance and harmony.


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