Quartz GoldenTumbled Stone

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Golden Quartz is a master healing stone that allows love and connection to overcome karma, distrust and pain. It clears and enhances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems to allow healing on all levels. Golden Quartz allows clarity of thought and retention of information with its soothing and protective energy. It absorbs negative energy and can increase positive energy to acheive your goals.
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Golden Quartz is also called Golden Healer Quartz because of its vibration of golden light that clears blockages and imbalances in your body or space. Physically it can stimulate the thyroid and thymus, helps with the digestive system, alleviates nausea, boosts the immune system and can cleanse and enhance all organs and systems in the body. Golden Quartz is said to be particularly helpful for chronic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, bone injuries and intestinal problems. Mentally it can help concentration and bring clarity of thought to help with retaining information and studying. Emotionally it boosts clear thinking and allows you to recall forgotten memories and to soothe anger. Golden Quartz enables healing at all levels and can aid in long distance healing and connection to other realms. It assists in balancing all chakras, aligning our energy bodies, protectiing the aura, enhancing psychic abilities and asorbing negative energy. Golden Quartz can aid you in getting rid of unhealthy habits and self defeating attitudes. It is an aid to achieve your financial goals and bring in more luck, abundance, and prosperity and can help you recover from loss and disappointment with business and finance. Golden Healer Quartz is a master healer of the spirit allowing love and connection to overcome karma, distrust and pain.


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