Jet Tumbled Stone (Black Amber)

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Jet is a stone that is perfect for dissipating or absorbing negative energy and transforming that energy into protection and positive energy.
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Jet is a black "stone" that focuses or protection and the creation of positive energy. Jet is a fossilized wood, close in comparison to coal. but it is a relatively rare variety that is pure and strong enough to be cut and made into gemstones. Physically it is quite lightweight , and it is very attractive when polished. Melody's book says, "Jet can be used to dispel fearful thoughts and can be used to protect the wearer against illness and violence. It protects one during the pursuit of business and enhances the stability of one's finances. This mineral aligns with the base chakra and can stimulate the awakening of the kundalini...It is also a calming agent, providing diminishment of depression."  Another book, Crystal Wisdom says, "Jet is associated with protection, optimism and emotional balance...Jet teaches us to be pure of heart, courteous and considerate, and it also shields us from negative thoughts and vibrations---our own and others...Jet is an optimistic gemstone, emanating cheer and happiness into the helps us to develop our own sense of purpose and confidence...Jet builds courage and leadership abilities as well, and is therefore helpful to those who are timid about translating their spiritual convictions into actions in the world." Linda Brooks adds, "Jet is a favorite of witches, a very powerful earth-plane protector. It disperses fear and negativity and protects one from spells or accidents." 

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