High John Root

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Powers: Money/ Love/ Success/ Happiness/ Wisdom
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High John the Conqueror is named after a legendary man who in story was possibly the son of an African King and when sold into slavery he never let this circumstance dampen his spirits and was constantly tricking his master and others to teach them lessons. The stories all have him leaving the circumstances behind but as his parting gift to others he put his power into the root for others to access. This root was not used medicinally except as a laxative and possible hallucogin. High John the Conqueror has been used by Native Americans and African Americans for its ability to influence love, luck and success. Its story illustrates its power to influence courage, wisdom, laughter and power through the influence of the trickster. Use High John Root in an oil to annoint your candles to increase the potency of your work. For a Protection Charm place HIgh John Root, Rue, Peppermint, Vetiver and Black Onyx into a bag and carry with you to avoid adverse situations. For a Power Incense mix High John, Dragon's Blood Resin, Cinquefoil, Mace, Saltpeter and Valerian Root burn while focusing on the projects you want to build and influence.


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