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Properties: Breaks All Curses, Promotes Romance, Soothing Healing, Clears Karma, Psychic Awareness, Creates Harmony
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Hydrangea is a native North American plant that produces beautiful blooms that make it a favorite of the Fae. Originating in East Asia, particularly Japan and China, it wasntroduced to Europe and North America in the 18th century and quickly became popular ornamental plants, adorning gardens and estates with their vibrant blooms. It has been used medicinally to calm nightmares and to help with internal stones, but it can also cause sedation and giddiness. The roots contain compounds with diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects, making them valuable in promoting urinary tract health and reducing discomfort associated with inflammatory conditions. Moreover, hydrangea leaves have been employed in herbal preparations for their potential to alleviate skin irritation and promote wound healing. Hydrangea is best known for breaking any curse or hex energy by carrying it, burning it, bathing with it or placing it in the space. In Japanese culture, hydrangeas are associated with gratitude, humility, and heartfelt emotions. They are often depicted in art and literature as symbols of enduring love and appreciation. In certain Western traditions, hydrangeas are believed to possess magical properties, particularly in matters of love and romance. The color of hydrangea blooms is said to influence their magical significance, with blue hydrangeas symbolizing tranquility and harmony, while pink hydrangeas represent love, affection, and compassion. Hydrangea petals have been used in spells and rituals aimed at attracting love, fostering emotional connections, and enhancing romantic relationships. Hydragea also helps with creating boundaries, redirecting negative energy, deconstructing Karmic patterns, expands our psychic awareness, and sheilds and protects while helping us balance our energy. You can also use it to bring blessings, enhance dream magic and divination, attract love and aid with repairing current love. To make a Thief Powder to discover who has stolen from you mix Hydrangea, Galangal and Vetivert with Poke Root Oil and sprinkle it around the scene of the crime and the thief will be revealed in 7 days.







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