Frankincense Tears

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Powers:Protection/ Exorcism/ Spirituality/ Healing/ Purification
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Frankincense is a tree resin that has been used for over 4000 years. Its ability to burn away negativity while raising the energy of the space makes it an excellent incense for banishing negativity or providing strong protection. When combined with Myrrh it is the perfect highway for pushing out the negativity and welcoming in the blessings. Frankincense is an excellent resin for making offerings to many deities, to clear the air and help with respiratory issues and spellwork to help with manifestation and focus. Frankincense elevates the mind giving aid to meditation and visualization while also centering and connecting to spirit. To have a powerful and cleansing incense mix Frankincense, Cumin and Patchouli. You can make a charm to help with discipline, goal setting and manifestation. Use a Red Tigers Eye as your focus anoint it with Dragon's Blood Oil. Burn an incense of Frankincense, High John the Conquerer Root and Dandelion and pass the stone through the smoke while stating the intentions of what this charm is aiding you in manifesting.




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