Dandelion Leaf

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Powers: Psychic Growth, Negativity Protection, Spirit Summoning, Healing, Purification
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Dandelion comes from the french Dent De Lion which means "Tooth of the Lion". This herb is an amazing cleanser and detoxifier for the liver and kidneys. This quality magickally translates to purification and removal and protection form negativity. Blowing on the seeds of Dandelion flowers in bloom have been associated with wish granting. This plant is aasociated with Hecate and this brings the connection to the dead and to the psychic and dream realm. Dandelion has an opening and cleansing quality which opens passages. Drinking a tea of Dandelion, St John's Wort, Lavender and a pinch of Wormwood will open up the psychic senses and allow spirits to communicate better. Looking into the steam while meditating can help call on spirits to aid you with the questions you want to ask. When this tea is used regularly it will help develop Psychic Gifts. To aid sleep and dreams make a satchet of Dandelion, Agrimony, Jasmine Flowers and an Amethyst stone annoint it with Lavender Oil and put it under your pillow. This combination will bring more restful sleep and better dream recall.


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