Wahoo Bark

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Wahoo Bark is a traditional and effective way to break jinxes and hexes. Using it for 7 days can clear all effects and make way for balance and success.
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Wahoo Bark also known as Burning Bush has mostly been used to take off jinxes that might have a Native American origin. Medicinally it helps decongest the liver, relieve jaundice and help in easing gall problems. The most common use of Wahoo Bark is to make it into a tea or place it in a bath to remove jinxes and hexes and promote uncrossing our energy. Wahoo Bark can also be carried to promote success while clearing your obstacles. The traditional ritual made a Wahoo Bark tea and made a tea that was poured over your body and was done for 7 days. For a Purification Bath use Wahoo Bark, Boneset, Hydrangea and Nettle to clease all unwanted energy and make way for renewal.


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