Cypress Essential Oil

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Powers: Protection, Emotional Healing, Aids Transitions, Helps Concentration, Consolation after Grief
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Cypress is a Mediterranean tree that is linked to a story about Apollo and Cyparissos. When Cyparissos accidentally killed his glorious stag mount with his spear, he mourned until Apollo turned him into the tree to be reunited with his pet. Traditionally this tree is linked with death, cemeteries and those transitions around these subjects. Cypress represents the eternal life of the soul and is the reverance and serenity that a cemetery can embody. Cypress can aid with consoling those dealing with a loss allowing them to heal and not give in to negativity. It can help one to mental focus and concentrate and aids in building self-discipline. Cypress Oil can be used to help one move transition through turbulent times by easing anger and anxiety. When used in combination with Clary Sage, Palmarosa and Juniper Berry it can be used as a protection oil to ward one's home or personal space from negativity and harm.


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