Willow Bark (White)

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Willow Bark can reduce inflammation, relieve pain and cool fevers. Because of its regenerative ability, it can be used to aid in spells of renewal and healing. Magickally it has also been used for love spells and connected to the dead.
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White Willow is known as the "Tree of Immortality" because of its ability to resprout a dead branch if it is placed in the ground. Its branches were used as divining wands and basket weaving. Willow Bark contains salicin, which is the main component in aspirin. It is a gentler source for reducing inflammation, relieving aches and pains, cooling fevers and can help treat acne and dandruff. Magickally it has been associated with the Underworld and can be used to contact the dead and help with the transitions of death and rebirth. White Wilow Bark has also been used for fertility, love spells, divination, enhancing psychic gifts, and releasing depression and grief.


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