Wood Betony

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Wood Betony is a healing and harmonizing plant that eases stress and anxiety in the body and mind promoting healing, restful sleep, concentration and focus. Magickally it dispels negativity, provides protection and resolves conflict.
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Wood Betony is one of the 7 Sacred Herbs of the Druids and has been used around the world for its multitude of healing and magickal purposes. Medicinally it is and excellent digestive tonic, improving circulation and harmonizing the digestive system while also calming and relaxing stress and digestive disorder. It also supports a healthy nervous system, relieving stress and tension in the body and mind, curing headaches, promoting deep and restful sleep and improves memory and concentration. Magickally it was used for protection against negative energy and spirits, to dispel negative energy and to ease internal and external conflicts, to help root and ground energy in our body and mind and to promote dreams and psychic awareness while dispelling nightmares and restless energy in the mind and body. By helping to bring us into our body with calming and harmonizing energy, it raises our spiritual vibration to help create energy that wards off lower vibration thoughts and energies and allows us to overcome our fears and anxieties.


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