Sage White

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Powers: Purification, Healing, Protection, Transform Negative Energy, Prayer Work
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White Sage is the most common component in the North American ritual of "Smudging". Smudging is a practice where we use the smoke moving over objects or moving through a space to attach to the heavy negative energy and lift it back to the spritual light where it can be transformed and cleared. White Sage is like clearing a blackboard so reclaiming your space after cleansing is important to place stronger protections and guidelines for how the space can now aid you. Native Americans used White Sage as medicine for removing toxins, reducing inflammation, to fight infections and to promote overall health. White Sage was treated as a benevolent plant spirit that came to help humans by cleansing and healing our bodies and space, to aid us in prayer and ceremony to bring wisdom and spiritual connection. White sage has also been called "Grandfather Sage" representing the compassionate, guiding hand of spirit protecting us and clearing our way toward happiness, love and peace. For a traditional Smudge Blend use White Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar for a cleansing and uplifting smoke blend to use on yourself or your space. For a Healing Mojo Bag place White Sage, White Willow, Mullein and Pine in a bag and carry it with you to promote healing and positive energy.


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