Valerian Root

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Powers: Love, Protection, Sleep, Peace, Transformation
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Valerian Root is related to Spikenard but is a more common plant, its name comes from the Latin "Valere", to be strong and healthy. Medicinally it has been used as a sedative or tranquillizer to help with insomnia, anxiety, pain relief, muscle relaxant and stress relief and it also can be used as a stimulant for digestion, blood pressure and boosting courage and self esteem. Valerian should not be used during pregnancy internally and should not be used in large doses. Valerian root has a punguent smell and was named "Phu" for this reason, this smell is highly attractive to cats, rats and fish. Magickally it is good for protection, transforming negative energy into postive energy, reversing negative self talk and habits, cleansing and warding of unwanted energies, to promote harmony or attract strife. Valerian can be used as an aphrodisiac because of its relaxing and calming effect to release fears and inhibitions. For Restful Sleep Tea use Valerian Root, Lavender, Peppermint and Agrimony in a blend before bed. For a Break Bad Habits Incense mix Valerian Root, Spikenard, Dragon's Blood,Yellow Mustard Seed, Cinquefoil and Frankincense and burnthe blend while focusing on the habit you are wanting to change.


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