Activated Charcoal

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Properties: Magickal Ink, Protection, Purification, Healing, Detoxify and Warding
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Activated Charcoal powder is charcoal that has been heated to high temperatures that creates a negatively charged porous surface that attracts and binds to positively charged molecules like toxins and pollutants. This binding or adsorption, allows Activated Charcoal to clean the air, filter water and detoxify our bodies. Historically charcoal has been used to make magickal ink and black salt. Medicinally it was mixed with water or milk to cure wounds, food poisoning, influenza, stomach cramps and other digestive issues. Magickally it is used for purification, protection, growth, banishing, warding off negativity, healing, and community work It is mixed in salt to make black salt which enhances the properties of Activated Charcoal. Adding Activated Charcoal to your facewash or bath can help purify your skin and spiritual energy.

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