Flourite Rough Chips Mixed

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Flourite is a great aid in dreams and meditation. It is the perfect stone to open the heart and mind chakras and harmonize their flows.
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Named from the Latin efluere "to flow," fluorite enhances the flow of energy through the physical body. This stone is excellent for meditation as it calms the mind and opens one to higher levels of awareness. It is a reminder of perfect physical health and optimal mental well being. It is an intense cleanser and can remove impurities and disruption from our body, mind and spirit. It is a powerful protector from external control and manipulation allowing our personal connections to strengthen. It is an awakener of psychic powers and awareness. It helps us become more organized and structured with our thoughts, habits and environment. Wear a Flourite bracelet to help with breaking bad habits and creating new flows in your life. To make a Psychic Enhancement Spirit Grid use Flourite, Amethyst, Blue Goldstone, Purple Dragon Jasper and Lapis Lazuli to clear your Third Eye and allow your intuition to strengthen. To create a Physical Healing Spell use Flourite and Bloodstone annoint them with Sandalwood and burn a white candle while holding your intention of what needs to be cleared and released to facilitate healing.


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