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Powers: Purification, Mental Focus,Protection, Love Drawing, Improves Communication
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Lemongrass is a grass and has a very distinctive lemon/ citrus smell, it has been used for in everytbing from teas and to spice food to weave mats from to repel insects. Lemongrass is a strong purifier and cleanser both internally and externally for yourself,your magickal tools and your space. Lemongrass has some innocent and playful qualities which makes it perfect for working with the Fairies or Tricksters. It has been used for shapeshifting, glamours and hiding your actions. It is also a good scent to open roads, sweeten communication, attract love and ward off negativity. Use Lemongrass when studying to retain more of the information by providing mental focus and clarity. To help with Psychic Development use Lemongrass, Mugwort and Lavender in a tea before bed to help with dreams and psychic growth. To make a Sensual Bath Mix use Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Yerba Mate, Damiana and Horny Goat Weed in your bath to increase your libido and increase your ability to receive pleasure.


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