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Powers: Spiritual Connection, Clarity, Love, Devotion, Peace
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Spikenard grows in the Himalayas above 10,000 feet and is most widely known as a holy oil that was called “All-Heal” and was highly regarded for its powers of healing, spiritual connection, self reflection, forgiveness and peace. Medicinally it helps with insomnia, digestive problems, strengthens the immune system, helps with nervous problems and aids with issues of the uterus. Magickally Spikenard has been used for all types of love spells: fidelity spells, return to me spells, marriage proposal spells, improve or create sex, love and lust spells. It also has the ability to connect to our potential and open the doors of opportunity to creative expansion and visionary perspective by releasing our fears and giving courage to step forward. Use Spikenard when meditating to connect to a higher perspective. For a Phoenix Power Incense burn Spikenard, Cinnamon and Myrhh for connection to sun, fire and rebirth. For A Marriage Proposal Charm mix Spikenard, Deer's Tongue, Linden Flower, Elder Berry, Red Salt and Pink Peppercorn.


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