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Saltpeter is the first of the mineral salts referred to as the “Hand of the Philosophers”. Along with Vitriol, Sal Amoniac, Alum, and Salt, Saltpeter is used a “key” to unlock hidden properties of minerals. In the folk magick of the American South, Saltpeter is used in cleansing baths and rituals. Saltpeter is sometimes used in the famed “Three Ingredient” Spiritual Mineral Bath. Combine Saltpeter, Salt, and Blueing, and add to a bath for spiritual cleansing. When taking this bath, wash only downwards. One may also powder these three ingredients and cast about the home for cleansing purposes. Saltpeter is used in the mundane world as a lighting agent: along with Charcoal and Sulphur, Saltpeter is an ingredient in gunpowder. Saltpeter is also used as a lighting agent in incense; we use a small amount of Saltpeter in our Self-Lighting Incense Blends so that they may burn without charcoal. USE GREAT CARE if using Saltpeter as a lighting agent: improper use can result in a fire. Take the time to educate yourself on the proper proportions before use.


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