Sheep Sorrel

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Sheep Sorrel is useful in fighting cancer, cooling fevers, purifying the blood, eliminating toxins and reducing inflammation. Magickally it can be used for recuperation from illnesses and wounds and to protect against heart disease.
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Sheep Sorrel is a common plant that most consider a weed. All parts of the plant can be used and eaten and because of its cleansing properties it was used in spring salads to detox. Its leaves have a tart flavor and contain Vitamin C, which made it ideal to deal with Scurvy. Sheep Sorrel is considered an excellent herbal aid to treat cancer, it appears to destroy cancer cells, shrink tumors and inhibit bad cell growth and promote healthy cell growth. It helps with treating mouth and throat ulcers, digestive disorders, hemorrhoids, loss of appetite, cooling fevers, cleans the kindeys and supports the heart by lowering blood pressure. Magickally it can be used to recuperate from illnesses and wounds, to strengthen your health and prevent illness, especially heart disease. It can cool situations and provide a clearing of obstacles and negativity.


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