Salt Course Sea

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Powers: Protection, Purification, Absorbs Energy, Holds Intent, Banishing
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Sea Salt is a more natural form of salt that should have no iodine (which prevents clumping) to interfere with its properties. Sea Salt naturally absorbs and holds Psychic Energy. This is why it is so effective for the removal of energy, to cleanse and purify and to create magickal barriers. It can also be used to hold intent while charging objects and spells. Sea Salt connects us to the Oceans of the World as well as the blood in our body. It can be used for very strong protection especially when combined with black pepper. To make a cleansing bath use Sea Salt, Lavender, Hyssop, St Johns Wort and White Sage in a tea bag to remove negativity and relax into your blessings. To make a Holy Water for cleansing and blessing, mix Sea Salt, Sage Oil and Water in a bottle while praying for what intent you want this mixture to hold.

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