Pine Resin

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Powers: Protection/Purification/Abundance/Uplifts Energy/Fertility
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Pine trees and pine cones have long been used in many traditions. Being an Evergreen, it represents rebirth and strength through adversity as well as provides protection for family and home by using its branches. Pine has an uplifting scent that brings a happy, cleansing energy that can relieve depression, purify negativity and promote optimism. During the Winter Solstice Pine was around in many ways representing the seasonal cycle of return out of the darkest part of the year. It can be used in a infusion wash to cleanse and purify. The pine cones and pine nuts can be used for abundance and fertility spells. For an aromatic protection insense use Pine Resin, Rue, Calendula and Cinnamon, these herbs will cleanse the space, charge it with positivity and help one to create strong boundaries for the space.


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