Linden Flower

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Powers: Divinity,Relaxation, Protection, Love,Sleep
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The Linden tree appears in many cultures, in Greece it is the form of a wife who gave hospitality to Zeus and Hermes, in Celtic it was the tree under which court cases were heard, in the Baltic it is the souls of women who have died. Linden flower is known for its calming and heart healing energy. It promotes sleep, soothes nerves, quells anxiety, eases spasms and cramps, promotes sweating and facilitates digestion. It's heart shaped leaves refer to its physical, emotional and spiritual healing and opening of the heart, gladdening the soul as well as restoring cardiovascular function. Linden branches were used for wedding arches and to place over the marriage couple for a long lasting and loving relationship. Linden flowers are used for divination, love spells, tranquility and protection. Linden tea is safe for children as well as adults to soothe and relax energy. For a Grounding Hyperactivity Tea use Linden Flowers, Yarrow, Elder and Hawthorne for a soothing blend to promote focus and relieve stress. For a Strengthening Love Bath mix Linden Flowers, Lemon Balm, Basil and Rosemary with Pink Salt.


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