Barberry (Holy Thorn)

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Barberry has cleansing and healing properties that can physically and magickally clear the body and space of negative energy. It promotes detoxification and provides safe space for renewal and regeneration.
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Barberry is a tall shrub with gray, thorny branches with yellow flowers and an edible sour red berry. The berry is rich in vitamin C but it has been the bark that has been used for centuries in medicine and magick. Historically in Ancient Egypt it was mixed with fennel seed to prevent the plague,in other places it was used to prevent and treat malaria, diarrhea, fevers, and to promote vigor and well being. Medicinally it has berberine, which is also present in Goldenseal, which makes Barberry useful for liver and gallbladder problems, congestion, stones and bilenous. It has also been found useful for enlarged spleens, certain cancers and tumors,and as a cleansing tonic for chronic conditions. Magickally it is a strong protective charm for children and can break or repel negative energy, curses and spellwork.


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