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Lobelia in small doses has been used to help with asthma, ease nicotine addiction and relax and calm the nerves. Magickally it helps with the health and energy of the physical and energy bodies , to stop storms and attract love.
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Lobelia is a native North American plant that should be used in small doses because large doses can can be poisonous. It is an antisposmadic and respiratory stimulant so it helps with asthma and bronchitis. Lobelia used externally can relieve pain for sprains and muscle sorness. It helps with quitting cigarettes because it attaches to nicotine receptors and helps ease the addiction. It helps with skin irritation, relaxing nerves, relieving migraines and can induce vomiting. Magickally it helps with the health and energy of our physical and energy bodies. Lobelia is said to stop storms if thrown in its path, to attract love and to help induce psychic vision and dreams.


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