Quartz Rainbow Aura Stone Points

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Originally white or clear, Rainbow Quartz goes through a very unique coating process that gives it that multi-hued look. Rainbow Quartz is also sometimes referred to as “Aurora Quartz” or “Mystic Quartz” and has been a favorite of humans for thousands of years. Rainbow Quartz is the perfect stone for when you want to restore some peace and balance back into your life. Rainbow Crystals are very good manifestation crystals, they stimulate every chakra, thus stimulating every creative level possible. The full spectrum of colors make it easier to bring these manifestations into physical reality. It brings positive feelings and joy and allows us to ease the sadness and anxiety around us. Rainbow Quartz increases luck and energy and allows healing and revitalization to happen in our lives with work, love and health. It has been referred to as a manifestation crystal because it allows us to bring forth our inner abilities and give life to our inner ideas and thoughts. Its rainbow nature also protects and stabilizes all our energetic bodies as it helps us harmonize and focus our energies and thoughts.


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