Mandrake Root

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Masculine-Mercury-Fire Hecate Powers: Protection/ Fertility/ Money/ Love/ Health
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Mandrake in a prominent part of the home (Live or the root) will bring good things like money and blessings to the home as well as protection from spirits and energies or even physical intrusion. Place under the pillow or on the headboard of the bed to prevent dream invasion etc. when asleep.

Carry or wear to prevent disease. Use as a poppet or voodoo doll (Whole root) to make something happen to someone. Place in a home to exorcise demonic or evil energies. Money placed by the root is said to double.

There is a method of activation or waking the dormant root up. Keep the root in a prominent place in the home for a few days then place it in water under the full moon overnight. The root can then be used magically and the water sprinkled around the house or car for protection and blessing. *Wash your hands after this as it is poisonous. 

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