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Horehound is used as a herbal cure for a sore, ticklish or inflamed throat. Magickally it is used to protect the home, guard against spells and magick, increase mental clarity and strength and bring creativity and balance.
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Horehound gets its name from the Egyptian God Horus, a God of sky and light and its ability to keep animals off your property. It is a member of the Mint family and has been used as an herbal remedy for sore, ticklish or inflamed throats. Horehound is also used to treat respiratory infections,aid loss of appetite, liver and gallbladder complaints, healing skin conditions and wounds. Magickally it protects the home, ward away spells and magic especially destructive or harmful energy and increases mental clarity, strength, creativity and balance. Horehound mixed with Black Cohosh (Black Snakeroot) gives the additional protection against snakes.


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