Jezebel Root

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Jezebel Root has traditionally been used by prostitutes to attract men and is the main component in a powerful curse against an enemy. It is also good to influence better customer service tips and attracting wealthy clients.
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Jezebel Root is named for the prostitute from the Bible because of its use to attract clients in that profession. It is also the main component of a spell called The Curse of Jezebel where you hold the root for two hours or from sunrise to sundown, while burning a black candle and remain completely silent while thinking of your enemy. When the time is up place the root in a jar of your urine, state the curse and the name out loud and then throw the jar into a body of water with your left hand and quickly turn and walk away from the place. This curse will cause distress and strife to your enemy's life. Jezebel Root is still best for attracting wealthy men as clients, lovers or husbands and making them submissive and compliant, but it can also be used for influencing good tips in customer service and promoting raises in your job. For a Husband Luring Mojo Bag use Jezebel Root, Catnip, Dried Rose Buds, Adam and Eve Root, Calamus Root and Orris Root.
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