Elder Berry

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Elder Berry has long been used to fight colds and flus, as well as ease joint pain and inflammation. Magickally it has been linked to the fairies and provides protection, purification, healing and blessings
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Elder Berry has been used since 400 AD all over the world as a healer, music maker and protective force. Elder gets its name from Ellar which meant kindling. Elder Wood has a soft interior that can be removed leaving a hard outer shell. This shell was used for fire kindling or to make flutes that were said tobe the favorite of the fairies. While the flowers and berries are healing the rest of the tree is poisonous, this tree is the mix of opposites. Elder Trees were said to be portals to the fairyworld, protected by tree dryads, offered protection through a crone spirit and all would usually punish you if you harmed the tree. Elder Berry was also associated with death and the Underworld and was used to help with that transition. Medicinally Elder Berry has been shown to combat the enzymes the flu virus uses to enter the body and its cells. It has high Vitamin C and can boost production of white blood cells that do not create inflammation as well as inhibit the ones that do. Eleder Berry also clears mucus, soothes respiration, eases aches and pains, fights viral infections, detoxifies, stimulates organ function, aids sleep and prevents cell damage. Magickally it can stimulate dreams, provide protection, provide spirtual, physical or emotional healing, provide psychic sight and reverse magick. This tree is soft and hard, healing and poison, life and death and because of this its energies work with the places of transition bringing the energy from both sides to any working.


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