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Powers: Money, Success, Happiness, Balance, Protection
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Bergamot has an uplifting citrus scent that diminishes depression, brings balance and provides stability and clarity. It is used to help with digestive issues, flu like symptomes, acne, and other imbalances that can result from continual stress and upset. Because of its ability to reduce stress, provide balance and uplift energy it is highly beneficial for spells of money and success. Bergamot adds energy and power to any spell and has been most used to attract luck, opportunity, strength and courage.. It can also be used for protection to keep you strong and resilient and to help balance our body systems when worry and anxiety appear. Place Bergamot in your purse or wallet to attract money and cause it to return to you.For a Relaxation Tea use Bergamot, Anise Seed and Ginger. For a Attract Money Charm use Bergamot, Patchoulli, Orange Peel, Basil and Cinnamon.

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