Devils Shoestring

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Devil's Shoestring has been used for centuries to remove bad energy, provide protection and give control over the opposite sex. When placed in a cologne it helps with gambling, getting jobs, promoting luck and attracting money.
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Devils Shoestring is a North American root that is harvested from varities of Viburnum, which is a species of Honeysuckle. In different magick traditions they are referred to as "Twigs" and their name comes from the concept that you are tying the Devil's Shoestrings together to trip him or hobble him to keep him away from you and your house. Medicinally it has been used as an antispasmodic and to ease menstrual cramps and the three most common varities seem interchangeable. Magickally Devils Shoestring has been used to protect against gossip, negative energy and physical harm. It is also used to attract money, gambling luck, getting jobs and to control the opposite sex. It can help in removing unwanted energy and people from your environment and keep you physically safe from harm. Mix Devils Shoestring and Camphor with Whiskey and use as a wash to cleanse, attract luck and money, and provide protection.


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